Monday, September 29, 2008

Thanes Flavor Ware Deluxe Oven

My husband took Saturday off. We got up early and went out to find the bargains of the day at yard sales. It's something we both enjoying doing. He found this Thanes Flavor Ware Deluxe Oven. He told me he had seen one in an infomercial. For $20 he bought it.
Cooking is not my thing. He thinks if he buys me enough gadgets for the kitchen, he might actually get me to "cook." Simple, basic, and easy are my style. I cook only under those terms.
So trying to make his point - "this would make cooking easy for me" - he cooked chicken and potatoes in this oven. The instructions were not helpful. So he just press some buttons and on it went. It stopped and he had to turn the chicken breasts on the other side. It stopped again and the chicken was not done so he turned them again. 45 minutes later .... the chicken looked ok - the potatoes ( I had peeled them and cut them into small pieces) were awful! The sliced onions burned.
I'm not using that thing again!
Special Note: We will be having a huge yard sale the first week of January - this will be one of the items out there for sale!

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