Monday, September 29, 2008

Fresh & Easy Market

One of these new grocery stores opened up two miles from me. I went in it last week. It is a small market with " go green" items. I browsed around and found their prices comparative to the large super markets. Although their selections are limited, they do have some unique items. I was impressed by the produce and how you could buy the items individually. (like one banana or one carrot) They also have a small loaf of bakery baked bread for only 99 cent(regular price). Fantastic! This market is perfect for singles or couples. It is not a family type buy in bulk store.
Since I'm only buying for two, I'm putting this store on my list.
I checked online to see where these stores are located - so far, California, Nevada and Arizona. They need to put one in Colorado. My daughter would love this store!
If my opinion counts for anything (?) I give this market a two thumbs up.

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Donna Brobeck said...

Hi DeeDee,
To answer your question about what I do with my chairs, the 1st 6 are going in a gallery show in Boise, ID for Dec and Jan. Eventually I would like to sell them but I'm just starting out and having fun. Thank you for asking. Where in AZ are you from. My folks have a place in Yuma and spend Oct-March there. They love it!! I visit and it's like everyday is a party with all their friends, I have to come home and rest up.
Well you have a great day, Donna