Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gigi on MySpace

Earlier this year my husband and I attended his company party. One of his co-workers that also attended the party, plays in a band on the weekends. We were invited to come see him (the co-worker) play that next weekend. He gave us his MySpace name and told us to check out his music. So I did. It was not my style of music.
While I was on MySpace, I browsed through people names that I know. I found my daughter! I joined MySpace. I sent her an email to be a "friend." I told my son about finding my daughter on MySpace. He then joined too. Just this last week, I found my other daughter and my grandson.
Funny how one thing leads to something else.
I find pictures of my grandchildren on there. Here is Gigi at the beauty salon. How cute! There she is sitting on a suitcase reading a magazine. She's only eight but has her hair done for cheerleading competitions. Oh my!

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