Friday, September 19, 2008

soap box on Galveston Texas

My daughter told me that they took a vacation to Galveston, Texas just a month ago. They had a great time. They considered buying a vacation get-away there even though they already live in Texas. Remembering hurricane seasons, they didn't.
It boils down to being responsible for your actions. I live in a desert - it is HOT, there are monsoons, haboobs, critters and in Phoenix - 5 million people - oh my goodness traffic, crime, etc. My point is that if I don't accept that - then I should move somewhere else!
If you live in an area that has frequent hurricanes, accept it or move!

Posted by PicasaThis is one of the pictures she sent me of Galveston, Texas.

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Donna Brobeck said...

I like the way you think Dee Dee, We live in Idaho the home of 4 seasons rain, sind, snow, sunshine each has their own challenge but I wouldn't want to live any where else. Thanks for your tip about followers. I added it. My friend Lisa is going to help me with some of the other stuff. But Thanks and have a good one!!!!