Wednesday, September 17, 2008

now you see her, now you don't

In the front bedroom of our house, we use it as an "office" ( I use that term loosely ). The room measures approximately 18 ft by 15 ft. Across one wall are these metal shelves we store the boxes and packing material. Another wall has a huge map 8 ft by 10 ft of the US. When we ship to places in the US we look up where its going just for fun. Another wall has two complete computers, printers, etc. The fourth wall has shelves filled with things we are selling on ebay.

While sitting in front the computer the other day, I heard "rustling" sounds. Mindy had jumped up on the fourth shelf and was napping in some bubble wrap. Do you see her? She peeked up and I took her picture. We call her our invisible cat. She sleeps all day in unique places around the house. She comes out at night time to be fed and then back to places unknown.

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Donna Brobeck said...

Hi, This is Donna, Thank you for your comment and yes there will be much more and I hope my art makes your day.:-)