Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meryvn's Mesa Arizona

Tomorrow is my "day in court." My hands are shaking so much I couldn't get a clear picture of the birthday gift cards from Mervyn's and Bailey, Banks and Biddle. My husband asked what I was doing today. I'm going shopping. I need something to wear to court. He asked me if I was going to the Mervyn's in Mesa (with a chuckle).

I don't have a Mervyn's near me so I drove to Chandler to shop there. They had this huge sale recently. My husband needed some work shoes so I said I would pick some up while they are on sale. They had the shoes but not his size. So they called around and found a pair in Mesa they would hold for me :( So I drove to "that area" of Mesa. I was scared to get out of my truck on a Saturday early afternoon in "that area." But I did..... Opened up the door to go inside and HOLY GUACAMOLY!

It looked like the Goodwill on a Saturday 50% off sale day. Every illegal with five kids or more were there. Kids screaming, running down the isles and stuff thrown on the floor throughout the whole store.

I hurried bought his shoes - hurried to my truck - and escaped from Mervyn's in Mesa. So when he smirked and asked me if I was going to the Mervyn's in Mesa today..... I said: @#%& NO!

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