Friday, February 13, 2009

Almost Valentine's Day

As I've mentioned before - Three of my Grandchildren live here in Arizona. It's an hour drive to their house from my house "on a good day." So I went out today to give the kids Valentine "goodies." Plus two of my grandchildren got accepted into a private school. I wanted to also go out and check out this new school.
I drove out and picked up my DIL ( Daughter-In-Law). We needed to be there before noon because Fridays are half-days at this new school. I was totally impressed by this new school! I hope that there will be an opening soon for their third daughter.
The third daughter is still in public school. There are no half-days. So the four of us went to lunch at one of the many new restaurants out in their area. We came back to their house and played games, ate chocolates, laughed, ..... had a great time!
Their third daughter came home and told us that her school was on lock down all day. Some man was out in front of the school with a gun - Oh MY! The (public) school NEVER called and let us know:(
They gave me the beautiful roses I have pictured above AND chocolates :) and a beautiful card! Am I blessed or what?

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Anonymous said...

You are very blessed. What a lovely, thoughtful gift.