Monday, February 23, 2009


We got a little more done on driveway addition project. My husband had to stop and get another load of sand. He got one ton the first load - not enough! So he got 2 tons this load. And... we discovered that we won't have enough planter stone. Someway we need to come with another way to finish one more planter and make it blend in with the rest. The stones we bought were a closeout. I don't know where to find some more :::shaking head::: Oh No!
See the dirt on the lower left hand side of this picture? Well, there is 8 more feet beyond this that will "house" my aloe vera that was originally in this area.
Then that new concrete addition that I showed before ( 36 feet ) continues down the driveway to the sidewalk. Altogether it measures 72 feet long. Oh Golly! I didn't realize we had that much driveway until now.
*** I forgot and left the cat out last night. In the morning when we went out to start on the project, we discovered that the cat must have really "liked" the sand :(


Anonymous said...

It's looking good. I bet your cat was loving that sand! I bet you both have some sore muscles. Take care.

Lanny said...

Oh man, sand and cats, nothing worse. My cats have twenty acres and they insist on violating any new load of sand, peat, soil, sawdust that arives. If there are no new loads, they read my planning notebook and hit the garden I am going to work the next day!

The job looks great.

Susie said...

There's nothing worse than having to stop in the middle of your project to go get more supplies. So far, it looks really great!

Naturegirl said...

Oh my word you left the cat out in Arizona!!!!The bobcat the javelinas!!Snow back here...3 more days and were're there!!!
Now I'm watching your President address the congress!
Big project but well worth it when completed! I would love to grow it outdoors!! hugs NG