Friday, February 6, 2009

Last Fall Gooseberry Patch offered two free cookbooks. All I had to do was fill in the necessary information ( name, address, etc.) online. They also paid for the shipping. What a deal!
I got them in the mail the other day. Please check out their website:
I have 12 of their cookbooks so far - each one is unique!


Mildred said...

Good for you. I love their books - they are always great. This is good weather to read - keep us posted on what you see.

a corgi said...

that is neat!!! I bet you will enjoy them!

(this is terrible, but I'm not a cook/baker, LOL, my husband does all of our cooking here :)

enjoy the weekend


Frank Baker said...

I'm not too much of a cook but I love to read recipes. I'll check out the website.