Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is what started it! The "new" big black truck needed somewhere to be parked on our driveway. My daughter-in-law saw it for the first time last week. She told me when I picked her up that it looked like a pimp mobile (whatever that is??). My husband and I - two white senior citizens, ummmmm, pimps?? aw - NO!
This is what it looks like today. ( I got the pictures reversed in sequence )

This is Bandit superdogvising. (this was taken before she saw two guys walking by the house and broke her leash - oops - should have seen those two guys run!)

These are two loads of stones we picked up yesterday out in Gold Canyon. WOW! Is that pretty country out there AND... it is way......... out there! Wish I would have had my camera.

This is that area that was shown above with the stones. This is about 1/3 of the area we have been "working" on. The new driveway in concrete took 1/3 of the area. Then we have some palm trees that need to be worked into this project. The palm trees are the other 1/3 of the area.

This is another before picture when the plants and rocks were removed. This is a lot of work. I'm sure glad this was "his" idea! He can't blame me for all the work "he" has to do. If it were up to me..... I would have hired someone to do this in a heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful truck! Lots of hard work but I know the end result will be pretty.

Rev. Paul said...

I know how much work that is ... better you than me! But it looks great.

Diane C. said...

Beautiful stonework project! That was a huge load of stones to haul, your big truck sure came in handy.