Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesdays at the Goodwill

Yesterday was an out and about run errands day. I went to UPS, then Albertson's ( had stuff on sale), then Target ( I'm always out of cat food or dog food). I passed the Goodwill and thought ummm.... might as well, I'm already out here. To my surprise, Goodwill changed their Senior Days to Tuesday - woohoo! So everything in Goodwill is 50% off to seniors on Tuesday (use to be on Thursdays).
I love to read. And... I love to find books I'd like to read for $2.00 or less! I found as you can see Marley and Me. A $21.95 book for $2.00 - woohoo! And I found book 2 & 3 to The Secret of the Rose series by Michael Phillips I had started awhile back for $2.00 each also. 1776 was only $1.00.
Looks like I'm going to have to start publishing "Tuesdays at the Goodwill."


Mildred said...

Isn't it amazing to find such good deals at Goodwill? I love to find old or new cookbooks there. Sometimes, it is what is tucked between the pages that is so precious. A hand-written recipe or a clipping out of a newspaper or magazine. Good for you and keep sharing your treasures.

Frank Baker said...

Everybody loves a bargain. I'm a slow reader and would never have the time to do much reading. I've tried book on tapes, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I'll keep trying.

a corgi said...

great books!! If you haven't read Marley and Me, be prepared to laugh and cry and enjoy it!

don't you love bargains like that??

have a great Thursday


Susie said...

Oh I love good finds not to mention good books!