Thursday, February 12, 2009

Loveland Colorado "the Sweetheart Town"

Loveland, Colorado postmarks Valentines with a cachet every year. You can order them online. I have always been in Loveland during Valentines Day (but not this year). All you have to do if you are in the area is to drop your Valentines in the designated mailbox. They stamp the outside and mail it off for you.
The first picture is one of my postcards of Loveland, Colorado.
The second and third are the 2009 Valentine cards you can order. Website is:


Mildred said...

How interesting. Thanks for the links and Happy Valentine's Day from Georgia.

Rev. Paul said...

I passed through Loveland once, back in '77, on my way from Alaska to Missouri. I had served with a guy from Loveland while in AK, and took a picture of some hamburger joint so I could send it to him.