Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Truck $$$

Remember when we bought the new truck January 17, 2009? Remember I mentioned that we would have to add to the driveway to park all THREE trucks? Remember when my husband chainsawed down the orange tree? Today they finished the concrete work. He told me that in 6 days it should be hard enough to drive and park on. Woohoo! All three big trucks will be able to park side by side in the driveway.

I didn't show all of it because.... I didn't have it concreted all the way up (most of it - yes). A section up by the fence needs to be "landscaped." Next project!


Frank Baker said...

Nice looking Pad. Good work. Before the concrete sets you need to stick the Grandkids bare feet in it.

deedee said...

Unfortunately, three of the grandkids live in Arizona but not close enough to come over before it dries. I was thinking I could plant three rose bushes for them in that garden area that didn't get concrete :)

a corgi said...

looks nice!!!

I bet you'll be excited to get all the vehicles in there!

(I'm taking a break from journaling for a month or so; I'll check in as I can :)