Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Training

Spring Training starts today. I've been downtown and watched the Arizona Diamondbacks play. It is a blast! We had tickets last time right next to the dug out. Perfect! We had private box seats from the company my husband use to work for. I liked being down by the dug out best.
Baseball .... makes you hungry for a hotdog!


Susie said...

I'm not a big baseball fan but when we lived in GA we use to go see the Braves play. Here in MS we have the minor league Braves. Last year we got to see a game there and I liked it so much better. Since the stadium was so much smaller we felt like our seats were right on the field. We felt like we were right in on the action.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun. It makes you know the seasons are changing too! Wish I had a hot dog with onions!
Thanks for sharing that you two just recently watched the Burt Reynolds movie; I was afraid I was boring people to death!

Rev. Paul said...

Ahh, you're baseball fans ... I knew there was something about you!
Go Redbirds! (Sorry, couldn't help myself - I've been a baseball Cardinals fan for nearly 50 years.)

Lanny said...

I did not get into baseball until I had to "accidentally" listen to it on the radio nearly everyday. The next thing I knew I was talking baseball with Dirt and looking forward to the games.