Monday, February 9, 2009

Bandit - Our Protector :)

Bandit was born in September, 2008. She came to live with us the end of October. I brought her home in a baby blanket - she only weighed 20 pounds then. The bottom picture was taken Nov 4. She was sooooo cute!
The top picture was taken today February 9, 2009. She is now 5 months old. She weighs 63 pounds. And.... she is not one but two hand fulls!
Last night between 4 am and 6 am Bandit decided it was a good time to howwwwl. I tried to settle her down. It wasn't until 6:30 am that I was able to see what the problem was. She had cornered two vicious black things out in the back yard.
You'll never guess what they were - so I'll just tell you. They were :::::: drum rolls, please:::::: daddy's work shoes! She shredded those shoes to almost unrecognizable bits. Sigh! Oh -that dog!

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a corgi said...

she's so cute and so big!! so glad that she is a good watchdog too, shoes and all!

enjoy the day; we are sending rain your way


Frank Baker said...

Hello Bandit. Does your dog bite? Or have you heard that story.

I like your heading. Does this mean you've bought another truck?

deedee said...

Thanks Betty - We got that rain you sent today. Send it anytime, we can always use rain. Thanks for keeping in touch :) Dee Dee

deedee said...

Frank: No, just three trucks but my husband asked me just yesterday if we could get a vintage car like the one I posted with my grandfather. I said no but that never stops him :)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful dog. Those poor shoes!

Mom To Six said...

Too funny!! And yes, she's ADORABLE!


jennifer said...

Viscious shoes taken out of action. Now daddy can stay home and play :)