Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Truck $$$

My husband suggested that I post the "before." Remember the $47,000 truck we just bought in January? And then the $1,000 driveway addition? Then remember I said we would have to do landscaping on the other half of the driveway addition? Here's $250 worth of stones - with another $250 worth of stones coming tomorrow. Then it will take a truck load of sand - three truck loads of new dirt. Then the plants .... AND last but not least "the accessories!" :)
$50,000 invested probably when this is all done - Holy Guacamoley!
This weekend hopefully this project will be done (keeping fingers crossed). So far I've pick out Honeysuckle (on sale this week at Home Depot) and one Pencil Tree but the rest I haven't decided on. I want a bird bath but I am really picky. It has to be just perfect! The water lines will be installed tomorrow.
Special Note: This was not my idea! I was thinking we should extend the block fence to include this area into the backyard. But..... I got out voted! Those dang dogs love "Daddy" and voted with him. I couldn't find the cats to help vote on my side. You know... they have that 23 hours of nap time and can't be disturbed. Oh well!


Susie said...

I surely hope you take before and after photos. Sounds exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Like Susie, I can't wait to see pictures.