Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Right-Wing Conservative Waving Goodbye

My husband called me and asked if I listened to the speech Pres. Obama gave at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona this morning. I said no. He said the speech just ended - I could go outside and see the helicopter that would be following the President's caravan. Yep... I saw it. He said that soon I should be able to see Air Force One. I rushed into the house and got the camera. He was right. There it was..... I took as many pictures as I could but there were a lot of trees in my way. AND.... Air Force One moves pretty fast! So in this picture is Air Force One - I promise!


Susie said...

Hi Deedee, Thanks for visiting my blog. I just scrolled down through yours and enjoyed it much!

a corgi said...

well you tried to get a picture, that counts for something, LOL; its hard to sometimes get a picture with my digital camera because there's a couple second break from when I snap the picture and when it "takes" in that split second I've lost the best pictures of Koda cause he'll more

hope all is well