Monday, February 2, 2009

Mr. Postman - Is there a letter for me?

In the mail today was this invitation to participate in "The Graceful Envelope." This is a yearly contest - the deadline is April 30, 2009. Check out their website at


a corgi said...

do you enjoy calligraphy?? I've seen lots of beautiful invitations and such from talented calligraphers! such a great talent!!


deedee said...

I wish I was that talented! I shared this so everyone who is interested could check out the link. The envelopes are very creative!

Frank Baker said...

I'm back. First: I was able to see the game. Cloody and I were invited to a friends house who had an emergency generator. I want you to know the Cardinals won that game and I don't care what the score was.
The storm is past and we are thankful. Now for the clean up

I used to do calligraphy, and loved it, but that was a long time ago. Now my pens are gone and my ink dried up.
Good to be back