Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taking Chance

My husband ordered dinner to go tonight. He said there was a movie on at 5:30 pm that I had to see. He knows I don't like most movies. He said he stayed up late last night and watched it. He said it was a movie definately worth seeing! And he told me that I better have a lot of Kleenex ready.
I watched to the end. My husband has never been to Wyoming. He keep asking me "Is that what it really looks like?" Since Wyoming is a stomping ground of mine, I replied, "Yes, exactly like that!"
This is an excellent movie - check out the website at:

God Bless Our Troops!


a corgi said...

never heard of the movie; will have to check it out

you lived in Wyoming? what part?? we visited some when we lived in Montana; beautiful state!


deedee said...

Betty: I was stationed in Laramie, Wyoming with the 133rd. I was a radio operator connected to a MASH unit. We trained in Camp Guerney, Wyoming every year that I was there. I've been all across Wyoming except for the NorthEast side.

Susie said...

I've never heard of this movie before. Maybe I will check it out. I love the stone work in your last post. That had to be lots of hard work but the result is really nice!

Frank Baker said...

The movie sound interesting, and I like movies. It's an HBO production and I don't get it on my cable. Net Flick rents it, but it not currently available . Maybe later.