Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alert the Media!

Phoenix city resident spends morning repotting her plants. While working in her potting shed, she thinks "Where should I plant this very large pot of Aloe Vera?" Thinking that maybe the best place would be on the side of the barn ( her name for the huge addition her husband built in their backyard), she continues to repot the rest of her plants. When she finished, she walks over to the side of the barn. To her surprise.... her psychic ( or maybe more like psychotic) rottweiler had dug a hole right where she was thinking of planting the Aloe Vera.
This Phoenix city resident claims that she had not trained her dog to be psychic. She showed us the training CD her husband bought her to use to train this lively 72 pound, 6 month old puppy.

On the back side we confirmed that there was no training skills taught by this CD on digging or psychic abilities. So we are alerting the media that: Psychic Rottweiler in Phoenix is available for "minimal" charge.

Phoenix city resident showed us what the planter looks like now. She told us that this is just temporary until Psychic Rottweiler reads her mind again.


Mildred said...

You have me laughing!

Rev. Paul said...

Fantastic - I needed the laugh.
Stayed tuned for the next amazing adventure of Psychic Pup!

Thanks for sharing this one.

Lanny said...

Oh my goodness I thought we were the only ones who had psychic "plant hole digging" dogs or "tear up that important paper, I didn't really want to file it" dogs. I am so glad there are more of them out in the world and that you have one too!

By the way there was more of the "first letter" on my other blog "Stories of Dirt and Lanny" I will try very hard to keep writing at a good pace and not ditch it like I did my other story. But I ought to back up my notes because that is what caused me to ditch my first story, throwing coffee into the back of my computer and no back up on cd.

Thank you again for your time and your very darling story of your sweet and helpful pup.

Susie said...

Oh how funny! Cute post Deedee!

Diane C. said...

Really enjoyed this humorous post! Pup was lucky that you approved of the location of the hole.