Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am a....

My Sister called me and said Mom HAD to go shopping at Brightons! She said, "Where is one here in Phoenix?" I said (not knowing that I was falling into a trap) "Oh, there's one at the Scottsdale Mall and one in the Chandler Mall."
To make a long story short...... she talked me into going to the Chandler Mall yesterday. Some people have vises. You know, drinking, smoking, mine is shopping at the Scottsdale or Chandler Mall! I have faithfully stayed away from both malls for a year now, really!
Until yesterday :(
We went to Brightons AND I bought a purse.
Weakness #1. Purses #2. Watches #3. Perfume...... and this store has all three plus more. I was the only one out us three to spend money at the mall.
My name is Dee Dee and I am (no not a smoker, no not a drinker) (hanging head down) A SHOPPER. But not just a shopper.... a shopper at the Chandler and Scottsdale Mall.
After they had me spend tons of money, we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Ohhhhh! We were all so stuffed. The food was soooooo good. And of course, dessert was excellent!
We went back to my house for awhile. When they left, I took a nap. All that shopping and eating wore me out.
Just thought I'd let you know, I'm having fun.


Rev. Paul said...

I have two SHOPPERS in my household ... wife & younger daughter.


Diane C. said...

Well, it is a cool looking purse. I like how the stitching is in a heart shaped pattern.

Lanny said...

It is a lovely purse. I was (and can lapse) a shopper, gotta becareful out there.

Susie said...

Deedee how funny! I use to be a shopper. I'm really glad I'm not now, except when it comes to plants!

jennifer said...

Dee Dee, I'm Ba-ack!! (sheepish - sorry I didn't let you know)

There are places that I avoid not because I don't love them but because I love them so much. When I diet, Hubby and I have to go to restaurants that DON'T have irresistible bread. Cheesecake Factory is ALL THE WAY AROUND irresistible. I LOVE that place!

You have wonderful taste in handbags. That purse is so springy and pretty! Glad that you are having a good time.

Carol............. said...

Now that purse needs to be MINE!LOL
One of my weaknesses also, purses, weird unusual jewelry and plants...!
Not necessarily in that order.