Sunday, March 29, 2009

more driveway

Today, as we were sitting around discussing the bids I got on remodeling the pool, my husband says..... "You know dear, (oh oh) we should put those pavers by the driveway." What??? - I'm thinking. He said, "You know how you're always complaining (oh oh) about the drop off on the driveway." Oh..... he changed topics! The grass was lower than the driveway in one section. He put some dirt and grass seed in there. The birds keeps eating all the grass seed :(

He said, "Why don't we (there goes my back again) put the same pavers we put on the other side." He takes me outside - he's pointing and telling me all about this great idea he has. I'm saying, "ok dear, if that is what YOU (he didn't catch the YOU) want to do."

I guess you'll start seeing more driveway and planter (oops, that's right I forgot to mention the planter) pictures.

The pool, well, (:::shaking head:::) it will get done. I found out there are a lot of dishonest pool salesmen! Not necessarily, big name pool companies are more reputable than the others :(


Busy Bee Suz said...

It never ends does it....I love pavers though...they really look nice and will add lots of value to your home.
The pool people?? One of the worst industries ever to find a reliable person in. I don't know why...we had major issues getting ours done and actually did not pay our pool builder fully because he NEVER finished...we had to hire someone else.
Good luck w/ your next project(s)

Susie said...

There's always something to do isn't there?!?!?

Rev. Paul said...

I'm sure it will be nice ... and I suspect your back will be miraculously cured about the time Husband puts the last paver or planter in place!

Mildred said...

It will all be worth it!

Lanny said...

Beats packing up the duffle bag and going to the gym!

Diane C. said...

Hi DeeDee, I love the cactus blooms in your header! Pavers would be an attractive and practical solution to the drop off next to the driveway. I've been thinking about doing that at my house. Looking forward to pictures of the paver project in progress!