Thursday, March 5, 2009

On Route 66 - Which way?

I was looking for a peculiar picture that I wanted to post about. Strange how I saw it yesterday - now today, (when I got the scanner to work) I can't find it. I ran across this picture.

I love reading through other's blogs. Some blogs are up on current news. Some blogs are just plain funny! Some share pictures of places I'll never get to see. Some blog about places I've been - it brings back memories. Some people are just so creative!

On March 15, will be my one year of blogging :) I'm hoping to have my 300 post by that day. Where is that picture??!!


Diane C. said...

Those signs are confusing! I do like the split rail fence in the photo. Wow, 300 posts in one year, you sure are an active blogger!

a corgi said...

those road signs always confuse me and I'm directionally challenged, LOL, so I'm forever trying to remember which way is north, etc.
Thank the Lord for GPS systems for sure :)

congrats on almost a year of blogging; I've been blogging since 2005 but have never made it to one year with a blog; for some reason or another I always delete and start again....maybe this time, who knows


jennifer said...

Ha! I have some pictures that are lost in the files of my computer too.

I was so glad to hear from you today. I don't recommend blogging breaks at all! So many of my favorite people live inside of my computer :)

Susie said...

Signs can be confusing. Hope you find the picture!