Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trains & Things

This is a picture (I bought at an auction) of Oatman, Arizona. It's from the early 1910's. I have this with all my "train things" in the living room.
This is another picture I bought at an auction. It's of Roosevelt Lake here in Arizona. This picture was dated on back 1925. It is also in the living room.

One of my many train pictures bought at auction. Unfortunately, I sealed the back of the picture when I framed it and didn't write down the year and place taken :(

Another train picture bought at an auction and unfortunately I sealed this one, too.

Narrow-Guage Locomotive D&RG #94 Baldwin 4-4-0 Old West Hotel, Del Norte, Colorado
:) I didn't have the back of this one sealed.

This is of the train depot in Loveland, Colorado. When I was in Loveland two years ago, this train depot is now a restaurant :( I have more old train things. Want to see more?
I got hooked on trains when I took my first train ride in Germany. I had to go to Denmark to pick up my car. Oh Golly was that an experience. It was mid January.... Silly me! Dressed like typical California girl in the middle of winter in Denmark! :( It's really cold there - I had on a sweater and flip flop shoes. I had to stand out on the pier for an hour. Oh - the lessons we learn sometimes!


Rev. Paul said...

More, please! I love old trains.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love to look at old things. Pictures are great. Lucky finds for you. It is interesting to look at how things were back in the day and then to see the changes today.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such great old photos.
THis is funny to me because this morning I saw a commercial with some kids on a train. ANd for a moment I remembered a train ride I had as a kid...then I thought again, that maybe it was just my imagination. I must call my Mom and see if I ever went on a TRAIN?????
Love that you collect these.

Anonymous said...

I love your train collection photos. I went to Germany at Christmas about twenty five years ago. It was quite an experience for a girl from Georgia! I'd love to see more.

grammy said...

I live in Longmont...right down the road from Loveland. We just got a great winter storm today. Lots os snow and we needed the moisture so bad. I hear the train from my house. Nice train pics.

Frank Baker said...

I love pictures and trains also. I used to do watercolors and tried framing and frame making. Would love to see photos of your living room

Diane C. said...

Fascinating old photos, thanks for sharing. I like trains too. The only time I rode on one was when I was very young, on a trip from California to Indiana with my mother.