Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bad Dog Bandit!

I've been trusting the dogs in the house lately. Their favorite spot in the house is in the living room by the front window. They bark at anything they see out the window. They have really been good - no bad dog mess.
I was ready to leave out the front door and in the corner of my eye I saw something white. A closer observation I found my dining room chair. Bad Dog Bandit, although she has plenty of dog toys decided to use my chair as one of her toys too.
I found her laying on the couch as if nothing was wrong. She looked at me - I looked at her - she ran (no, galloped) out the back door. She is hiding (as if a rottweiler can hide?) over by the diving board. I guess she knows she's going to be walking the plank soon!


Lanny said...

Bad dog schmad dog. I'm sure she will help you pick out chair covers. Perhaps she is a budding re-designer.

Actually, I'm sorry for your chair. My husband's dad always said, "I'd have a lot of nice things if it wasn't for you kids." I would add dogs and cats to that! But things are just things.

Mildred said...

My one cat does this to some of our chair seats.

a corgi said...

oh oh!! someone's in the dog house for sure!!! Koda is not a chewer per se, but when we leave, I crate him......just to be on the safe side, you never know


Frank Baker said...

"The Butler did it".

jennifer said...

Oh no! I guess you get to shop now.

I read a blog once (don't remember which one) that showed picture after picture after picture of things the dog had chewed up in this person's home. I would have been in tears!

I hope Bandit isn't starting a bad habit.