Sunday, March 1, 2009

drive-by shootings

Here are the pictures of houses in my neighborhood with flowers in their front yards. I shot these pictures while driving in my truck. It's suppose to be 89 degrees today. Tomorrow we will get our first 90 degrees for 2009. Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It's been really warm here in Georgia but we are being hit today with snow. Enjoy the warm sun.

Susie said...

That yellow flower really is popular isn't it? I loved seeing this yards. So pretty. Enjoy your warm temps for me. It is so cold here today!

Frank Baker said...

Wonderful pictures, Makes me homesick. I had a policy that I never went swimming until the temperature hit 100 degrees. I can remember African Daises in Tucson. You plant the seed in the fall and they bloom in the spring.

Diane C. said...

Ha ha, the title scared me a little. Pretty pictures, are those masses of yellow and orange flowers African daisies?

Lanny said...

Catching up on your last two post all in one.

Sometimes it is hard for my brain to wrap around other people's lives. Spring does come early here too, but not mildly and it lasts until July. Swimming at Easter, waiting till it's a hundred degrees to swim? Crazy lives I tell ya, crazy!

Donna Brobeck said...

Hi Dee Dee,

I'm with Diane C. I was scared when I read your title, so glad you were doing the shooting and with your camera. Beautiful pictures and it is glad to be back I hope I stick with it. Thank you for commenting and you have a great warm day!!

a corgi said...

what a colorful neighborhood!! all great pictures!!

enjoy the week ahead


jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures Dee Dee! There is snow in our state today which doesn't happen very often. Since we are basically in coastal Alabama we won't EVER see snow. The azaleas are blooming here and they are gorgeous!

Have a great week!

Rev. Paul said...

Good morning, Dee Dee!

It's 6 below here in Anchorage this morning, so your flowers provided some color! Thanks.

And yes, it's colder than normal. Should be about 15 above, but I guess that's not much of an improvement, in your opinion.

Naturegirl said...

Dee dee! Normally I would drool looking at these drive bys but since I'm here in Scottsdale enjoying the 90 degree temperature..I say "Bring it on!!"
Love the header..can't wait until I run into this scene myself..I am so excited to be here!! smiling NG

deedee said...

Mildred: Soon we'll be enjoying the "very warm" sun.
Susie & Diane: I took a walk to see what those yellow flowers were - yes, they are African daisies.
Frank & Lanny: I noticed the neighbors had a pool party last weekend. Crazy!
Donna: I'm glad you are back!
Betty: Do you have those in California too?
Jennifer: I saw that on the news. Snow in Alabama - Wow!
Paul: I have no desire to go to Alaska (way too cold) but I do enjoy seeing the pictures and learning about your great state!
NG: Keep us all posted on what you find during your visit here.

Dirt Princess said...

That is amazing...I am often tempted to dig up my entire front yard and seed it with wildflowers. Their yards look great that way.