Friday, March 6, 2009

Wyoming :)

I've mentioned before that Wyoming is one of my "stomping" grounds. I was attached to the 133rd Engineers, Laramie, Wyoming.
This is Wyoming's wild (?) life. Laramie has more bars than people (no not really). I'd say all the wildlife is at the bars.

Chugwater's rest area - definately not like the ones down here in Arizona!

Howdy from Chugwater!

Everyone goes to Wyoming for their fireworks! Golly, these pictures make me a bit homesick. When we share our pictures on our blogs, we all get to "visit" places we might never see.


Lanny said...

Mmmmm, Dirt and I have family that wants us all to go live in Wyoming in a couple of years. Mmmmm.

Lanny said...

What happened to the family post? I was going to say something clever like I needed a map, and not of Arizona!

Rev. Paul said...

I have driven across Wyoming several times, and your pics brought back fond memories.

I mentioned to a gas station operator, somewhere in mid-state, that folks in Wyoming seemed friendlier than most. He replied, "Nope. We're just lonely."

Frank Baker said...

Sorry, my bus only go as far as Ft. Collins, CO

deedee said...

Lanny: I've lived many places. If I were to choose, excluding Arizona, I'd live in either Wyoming or Texas!
I posted the "family" post and then changed my mind.
Rev.Paul: As I wrote to Lanny, Wyoming and Texas are my two most favorite states.
Frank: I lived in Ft. Collins a couple times. I was attached to a MASH unit there.

Anonymous said...

Such interesting places; I've never visited any of them so I love reading about them here.

By the way, I do love to shop at Target for doggie clothes but I also can buy preemie baby shirts and they just fit Harriet!

Enjoy your weekend.

Susie said...

I've never been to Wyoming before. Thanks for sharing just a little bit of it with us!

a corgi said...

what a neat experience that must have been

I have to say, Wyoming has its beautiful spots, but driving south through it to Colorado can get a little tedious at times