Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's gone to the dogs!

This is another one of those Bad Dog Bandit posts. We have a couple guest rooms in this house. One of them has this antique chenille bedspread, pink satin sheets and antique embroidered pillow cases on the bed. The doors to the bedrooms are always kept shut (because of Bandit).
Yesterday, I noticed the door was open. I'm not sure if I forgot to shut the door or not but...
On the floor was this pillow with the pillow case ripped.
:::(counting to ten before I continue to type)::::
The dogs slept outside in the wilds :) of the backyard last night - the whole night - and will continue to spent every night and most of the day OUTSIDE! Now we can say that someone does lounge around our pool. It's gone to the dogs!


Susie said...

Uh-oh, someone done went a little too far. Sorry for the torn pillow case.

Naturegirl said...

Oh dear Dee Dee I do hope bad dog is getting a lot of H2O while outside during the day!! The worst I experience when a bedroom door that's out of bounds is left open is cat hairs on the bed..
purr-zzz from a snowbirder who LoVes your climate!!

Lanny said...

Awwwh, can it be patched? She looks so sweet you can't possibly stay mad can you?

Frank Baker said...

I think the maid did it.