Friday, March 20, 2009

Yard Sale finds

I was out killing a little time hunting for yard sales this morning. My Sister had to take my Mom on some "important" errands before I went to pick her up for her flight home. I found a few yard sales but no great finds. I did find these great looking plants at this one house along the way, though. Isn't this cactus amazing?
They had this amazing firestick plant in their front yard too!

We have alleys in the back of our houses. While driving looking for yard sales I across this alley. It has a bike path. AND it is clean! My alley doesn't look like this :(
My Sister went back home today. She and her husband will be back the end of June for their son's college graduation. Wow - 10 or 12 years of college (I lost track)! Do we have a Doctor in the house?


Anonymous said...

That is some kind of cactus! Looks like you had a great day for being out and about. Have a nice weekend.

Rev. Paul said...

Please enjoy all that warm weather for us. It was 11 this morning, but did finally reach 26 this afternoon. At least your sunshine is still here! Thanks for that.

Diane C. said...

At least you found some interesting things to take pictures of. Those are stunning plants and that one looks really tall. I have never seen such a nice alley!

Susie said...

That cactus is out of this world. I love it! It's so different.

Last year we sold those firesticks at work but no one but myself liked them. Of course they would never look like that here but I think they are neat.

Lanny said...

I'm glad you had a good time and found some interesting things. Do you ever ask people if you can take snippets to see if you can start them?